How Reddit stooped the r/Wallstreet bets mods.


How Reddit stooped the r/Wallstreet bets mods. Last Wednesday night some r/Wallstreet bets moderators talked each other about to get movie deal. On Thursday, r/Wallstreet bets mods who were considering the film deal began booting out other who had questioned them fro trying to profit forum sucess.

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The highly upvoted r/Wallstreet bets post called the situation “a coup”. They said that some tossed out the community “Know- love”. then Reddit step into stop they take over. The Company confirm thet they removed some r/Wallstreet best mods because they violated the rule five of its moderator guidlines. Reddit said it had to take action due to the inestability of the situation created for the community. The mods will be back at the community at discretion of the current mod team.