Why is Samsung S21 first in efficiency?


Why is Samsung S21 first in efficiency? This smart phone is the first to have new power efficient OLED panel. It makes the display to consume 16 percent less power. This technology create brighter light while consuming less power which improve battery lifetime. The S21 has excellent battery lifetime that last beyond a full day.

The Galaxy S21 series battery life to beat the S20 models - PhoneArena

The display works on that way because its electrons flow faster and easily across the display organic layer.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra first look: stunning 100x zoom camera, 120Hz Quad  HD screen and industry-best screen brightness | South China Morning Post


How Someone takes and sells your phone number.


How Someone takes and sells your phone number from Facebook. Someone stole facebook user’s phone numbers, and he si selling that data by using a Telegram bot. The person who sells the data says that he has data of 533 million users. This vulnerability appeared thanks to a patch in 2019. To find useful data is not very easy, that is why the Telegram bot solved the problem. And they sell the data or your phone number.

This bot allows someone to do two things:

  1. If the person has Facebook’s ID, they can find the person’s phone number.
  2. If They have a perosn’s phone number, they can find their Facebook ID.

New Rumors about iPhone 13


iPhone 13 will be launch on fall of 2021, there is still time until that, and of course, but, we have rumors and leaked information about Apple devices while we are still digest the last launches.

It is very likely that the iPhone 13 will continue with the sizes of iPhone 12, 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches and of course, the entry level iPhones more affordable.

The information is getting from supply chain information and patents movements and is more hard to maintain that information secret, because the workers suddenly give that information from the work from home.

New Display

Early 2020 rumors pointed that the refresh rate of iPhone 12 will be 120Hz. At the very last moment Apple decided to reverse this due to battery concerns, so, is very likely that is hard work to bring this to the new Apple 13 like the iPad Pro.

It is very likely that the refresh rate to the iPhone 13 will be 120 Hz

Camera changes

What you can count on is that Apple is working for camera improvements like better zoom, more sensor size and better LiDAR.

Also the ultra wide lens will be more powerful to 2021, to be more precise, 1.8f aperture and 6P lens. The actual aperture is 2.4f and 5P, so, you will get better pictures in low light situations.


With the spread of 5G networks, the support to this network is mandatory for new iPhone models. Qualcomm is the actual provider for iPhone’s modem; even Apple is working in it’s own model, we cannot tell now what component will use the new iPhones.

When will be released?

The anoucment about Apple 13 will be in the fall 2021, Apple is aiming to launch the iPhone 13 on September. Apple had to delay the launch time for the global health crisis, but you can be more optimist, this time the things could be better.

Now you can enjoy Youtube HDR videos on your Xbox.


Now you can enjoy Youtube HDR videos on your Xbox. Xbox users can now enjoy Youtube videos with HDR, as Microsoft enables the video format. Youtube App has never supported videos. HDR is available since 2019 on PlayStation 4.

HDR means High Dynamic RAnge. HDR videos are brighter and more vivid, with a greater range between the highlights and shadows of each scene.

HDR videos are available on the Youtube app of the new Xbox console, but it is not on the original Xbox One.

There some differences in what each console is capable of. One thing to take into account is that HDR to work on your XBox will depend on the TV set is connected to.


Capcom announced Resident Evil Village


Last year, during a PS5 event, Capcom announced a new title to add to the Resident Evil franchise called Resident Evil Village, on monday they released a new gameplay that will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

During a LiveStream, Capcom revealed that the launch date of Resident Evil Village is 7th May 2021, they also gives a new trailer and guess what?, it will be a first person survival game.

The playable demo is right now available for PS5 with a character called Maiden. The Resident evil Village producer, Peter Fabiano, said in the Stream that you won’t play as Ethan Winter. With the playable character know as “the maiden” you must escape from Dimitrescu Castle and won’t be able to fight.

In the case you are gamer from the other platforms can access to this playable demo in the spring, in the case you have a PS4 or a Xbox One the upgrade to next gen consoles will be absolutely free.

The game is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7 repeating the first person perspective formula, It’ll also be available a multiplayer component called RE:Verse to play with the classic characters like Jill, Claire and Leon.

The fist time we saw the game was on 1996 in the PlayStation, since then, the franchise expands to animated and live action movies, also to literature and now, Netflix is producing a new series called Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

How Linux can run on M1 Mac.


How Linux can run on M1 Mac. When the new M1 appeared, developers began to work how to run different operating systems on Apple’s silicon platform including Windows and Linux. Collellium’s CTO announced on Twitter that this company can make Linux run on M1 Mac.

The team has detailed how managed to get Ubuntu running. While a number of M1 components shared with Apple mobile chips, the nono-standard made it challenging to create Linux Drivers to get Ubuntu running properly. Apple has ruled previously official support for natively booting alternate operative systems like Windows or Linux.

Virtualization seems Apple’s preferred method.

Linux is now complete usable on Mac M1.



How Google update new Chrome 88


How Google update new Chrome 88. This release include stability and performance improvements. This update includes 36 security fixes. The new version of Chrome will improve its dark mode support. It also removed FTP and Adobe Flash support. The Dark mode are in Windows and chrome OS. Other improvement is the Dark mode in Windows 10, but the setting, bookmarks, history and new tab pages of Chrome 88 are limited.

Google is experimenting with some new feature for Chrome, both Tab search and less intrusive website permission request are not visible in Chrome 88.


Apple car will be manufactured by Kia


Since 2014 the rumors about Apple Car started, but now this is a reality. Apple spent these years testing car and components from different vendors to be fully involved in this industry.

The rumors about Apple continue rising, the last one is that Apple car will be manufactured by Kia in its Georgia plant, but the rumors expands to leaked information about the battery that will be used in the Apple Car.

On early January Hyundai was the most likely to produce the Apple Car, but the information given by Korean site eDaily, Kia is now in charge to build the new Apple Car, the first self driving car commercially available.

According the site news, Hyundai declines the manufacturing negotiations of the Apple Car because that would weaken the brand to build Apple’s car instead of its own cars, that’s where Kia enters the game.

Telegram anticipates the ban and responds


Now, Apple is being sued for not remove the access to Telegram app while the block to Parler is already effective, and of course Telegram anticipates the ban and responds the a for the impeachment that the App is hosting hate groups used by extremists to coordinate their future actions.

Even with the restrictions that the platform imposes to the users, Apple has been receiving requirements to ban Telegram from the App Store, becauses the Parler community migrates to Telegram to internal communications, as an alternative to the Trump followers.

At 2018 Apple warned Telegram about the inappropriate content available to the users and also decided to temporally retire the app. Also in 2019 the EU worked together with Telegram to remove the military ISIS accounts used to plan and deliver terrorist attacks, however this took place after a lot of political pressure.

Telegram responds

On Monday The CEO of Telegram, posted an article explaining the Telegram position and the work they made to keep the platform secure and tolerant.

Telegram CEO Channel

In that post, he also emphasizes that several worlds leaders had found on Telegram a secure channel to distribute news and content to the people.

Tim Cook declares to CNN that he talked with Parler CEO about the need moderation to violent initiatives that are building in the platform, but Parler doesn’t show interest in improving the platform.