Latin Amarica overcomes the USA and Canada in deaths by Coronavirus


According to experts Latin America  reports more than 3 million people with COVID-19 during this week. It is more than the US and Canada. Although the US is the first in the list with infected people, Latin America reaches the US and Canada this week. According to the map most of the Latin American countries have a high rate of infected people by 100.000 population. Besides more than 12,7452.700 people are infected by the pandemic and more than 3 million are in Latin America. 10 countries in Latin America are the most affected by the pandemic with the highest rate of cases.

Huawei will be banned in the UK


 After having listened to advisors from The  NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre),UK Prime Minister Boris Jhonson announced that the 5G network offered by Huawei will be banned in the UK from the end of this year because operators  can not afford the components for the 5G network. They were told to remove all of these  Chinese components by 2027.

Miami returns to Shutdowns


Miami was on the  business reopening when the high rate of people with Covid forced the authorities to order shutdowns in the city. Although authorities want to send students to schools, they have to think about it seriously, before taking any measure. According to the high numbers of the pandemic, students should stay home.

Is living on water the future of Mankind?


According to many scientists around the world, global warming causes the ice layers melting down. So many experts have made some platforms that can float on  water and are connected to land. For instance, a condominium platform in Maldivas, a  Mosque on water in the United Emirates, and a complete district in Netherlands that is on  water.  These examples show that the future is on water.

Mandatory shutdown in 5 states in US


After the cases blast off, the US gets more than 62,000  new cases in 24 hours. Government orders to shut down in 5 states in which the economy is going to be affected and more workers without a source of money for their families. On the other hand, the campaign keeps its road, the opposition blames the current administration for the blast of cases. As well as many physician say that it goes worst.

Virtual Food emerging in the pandemic


Lima, Peru

A marketing Company which went to bankruptcy created the
first total virtual supermarket in Lima , Peru. The only thing
that is physical is the food warehouse. The idea came after
the bankruptcy because of the pandemic.

All the system is virtual, clients ask for their food by an app and then the
company delivers the order to their home so people do not have to go for food and it avoids the increasing of the COVID-19. This company works in Lima in most of its districts.