Telegram and Signal the best alternative to WhatsApp


Last days, Telegram and Signal two Instant Messaging apps are increased its users after the last move of WhatsApp on the updated of its Privacy Terms and Conditions that will apply since the next 21 February for integrate data with Facebook platform.

Telegram has had a good user base, however Signal had not enjoyed such popularity, until this week more than 100,000 users decided to install Signal and over 2.2 millions has been installed Telegram.

Telegram CEO  Pável Dúrov recently reveals the secret to get that million users transits to their app is the their Success is that Telegram respect the users and WhatsApp is unable to compete in the quality and the privacy, that allow them to host more than 500 million users around the word.

Signal and Telegram as the best options

Signal and Telegram prove to be the best options to you, it protects your privacy and the functions that them provides is that you need.

You can Download Signal for iPhone and for Android Devices

Telegram Can be used on iPhone and Android too, and there is also a web version, so, you can use anywhere.

The new Terms and Conditions of WhatsApp

Since last week WhatsApp began to advice the users about the new term and conditions, and they must accept in the case they want to continue to use the app since February 21.

WhatsApp app are constantly changing and testing new functions in calls, groups and even for Businesses. but now, the integration with Facebook and Instagram is a serious thing.

Facebook claims that the motivation to made that changes is to provide an better unified experience between the platforms:

  • The new term and conditions will be more easy to read and will include services like WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Calls and WhatsApp Desktop.
  • The join with Facebook on 2014: WhatsApp is part of Facebook since 2014, so is not rare that both platforms work together and share message filters, they also claim that what the user shares on WhatsApp could be shared on Facebook.
  • Your Messages and data is yours: Facebook claims that has developed functions to protects the privacy and security from the users: “We do no save your messages once it’ll be delivered. When the messages are encrypted, not even we can read it”.