Telegram anticipates the ban and responds


Now, Apple is being sued for not remove the access to Telegram app while the block to Parler is already effective, and of course Telegram anticipates the ban and responds the a for the impeachment that the App is hosting hate groups used by extremists to coordinate their future actions.

Even with the restrictions that the platform imposes to the users, Apple has been receiving requirements to ban Telegram from the App Store, becauses the Parler community migrates to Telegram to internal communications, as an alternative to the Trump followers.

At 2018 Apple warned Telegram about the inappropriate content available to the users and also decided to temporally retire the app. Also in 2019 the EU worked together with Telegram to remove the military ISIS accounts used to plan and deliver terrorist attacks, however this took place after a lot of political pressure.

Telegram responds

On Monday The CEO of Telegram, posted an article explaining the Telegram position and the work they made to keep the platform secure and tolerant.

Telegram CEO Channel

In that post, he also emphasizes that several worlds leaders had found on Telegram a secure channel to distribute news and content to the people.

Tim Cook declares to CNN that he talked with Parler CEO about the need moderation to violent initiatives that are building in the platform, but Parler doesn’t show interest in improving the platform.