New Rumors about iPhone 13


iPhone 13 will be launch on fall of 2021, there is still time until that, and of course, but, we have rumors and leaked information about Apple devices while we are still digest the last launches.

It is very likely that the iPhone 13 will continue with the sizes of iPhone 12, 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches and of course, the entry level iPhones more affordable.

The information is getting from supply chain information and patents movements and is more hard to maintain that information secret, because the workers suddenly give that information from the work from home.

New Display

Early 2020 rumors pointed that the refresh rate of iPhone 12 will be 120Hz. At the very last moment Apple decided to reverse this due to battery concerns, so, is very likely that is hard work to bring this to the new Apple 13 like the iPad Pro.

It is very likely that the refresh rate to the iPhone 13 will be 120 Hz

Camera changes

What you can count on is that Apple is working for camera improvements like better zoom, more sensor size and better LiDAR.

Also the ultra wide lens will be more powerful to 2021, to be more precise, 1.8f aperture and 6P lens. The actual aperture is 2.4f and 5P, so, you will get better pictures in low light situations.


With the spread of 5G networks, the support to this network is mandatory for new iPhone models. Qualcomm is the actual provider for iPhone’s modem; even Apple is working in it’s own model, we cannot tell now what component will use the new iPhones.

When will be released?

The anoucment about Apple 13 will be in the fall 2021, Apple is aiming to launch the iPhone 13 on September. Apple had to delay the launch time for the global health crisis, but you can be more optimist, this time the things could be better.